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Existence Health provides predictive medicine services. Each physician is available individually or patients’ can choose Existence’s "Platinum Team Service." The Platinum Team Service is a novel approach to predictive medicine created by Existence Health and involves meeting with all Existence Health physicians at once, thereby providing the most collaborative predictive medicine assessment available.

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Each patient will receive pre-test counseling, painless genetic screening, and a comprehensive post-test assessment.

Step 1: Pre-test counseling: Pre-test counseling is provided so that the Existence Health physician can fully assess your personal and family medical history, and can also discuss with you what information genetic screening can provide. The physician is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have before any testing occurs.

Step 2: Painless genetic screening: You and the physician will then choose the predictive medicine panel or panels most appropriate for you, and the physician will ensure that you receive comprehensive genetic screening (testing and analysis). The process is entirely painless – no needles and no blood are required. Instead, to get started all that is needed is some saliva. Your saliva will then be sent to a CLIA certified laboratory that conducts the state-of-the-art genetic testing. A comprehensive, advanced analysis of your genes is performed using the analytical technologies invented by Existence Genetics, which includes utilization of the disease matrix and reflex analysis. The results, in the form of a straightforward genetic report, are then sent back to the Existence Health physician, who spends time preparing a personalized report for you and your primary care doctor.

Step 3: Post-test counseling: Two to three weeks later you’ll return for your post-test counseling. This will involve an in-depth discussion of your genetic screening results and will focus on empowering you with personalized information to help protect you against any diseases you are found to be genetically predisposed to. You’ll receive a very straightforward, easy to understand report that you’ll review with your physician and that will be available for you to take home and use thereafter to empower you over disease. The report is unique because it will not only contain assessment of your risk of many different diseases but, more importantly, will provide you with preventive recommendations based upon your genes. A separate report will also be produced for you to give to your primary care physician if you so choose.

Step 4: Follow-up visits: You will be able to schedule follow-up visits with your Existence Health physician so that the two of you can work together to proactively prevent disease utilizing genetically tailored prevention. Your physician is available for these follow-up visits in order to assess your progress and work with you to make sure that you continue benefit over the long-run from Existence Health’s predictive medicine services.

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